Record Number of Students for Private Schools in the UK

private independent schools in the UK

If there is one area that is not affected by the still rather poor economy in the United Kingdom it is private, independent schools.

According to new numbers recently released, fee-paying private schools in the UK are currently seeing record numbers of pupils attending.

The annual study conducted by the British Independent Schools Council  shows that 517,000 pupils are currently enrolled in more than 1200 independent schools in the UK.

This is the highest number of privately schooled pupils in the United Kingdom in four decades.

The new study also reveals that the number of those from overseas who are studying in the United Kingdom is on the rise while the number of those who live in the United Kingdom remains lower than previously.

As compared to 6 years ago, the number of pupils whose parents live overseas has increased by 33%.

Not counting those whose home is outside the United Kingdom, 490,000 residents of the United Kingdom are currently in private schools

Asia is leading amongst those who are coming to the United Kingdom to study with almost a third of the 27,000 overseas pupils in British schools with most of the pupils coming from China and Hong Kong. Those are closely followed by Russia, Germany and Spain.

One other reason why the current numbers are significantly higher than they had been in the past is that the census for this year also includes nursery schools that saw a big increase in the numbers of children aged three and under. Experts point out that the high number of very young children attending private nursery schools in UK is one indication for the difficulties finding suitable childcare in the United Kingdom.

While the numbers of pupils in independent schools in the UK went up, average fees for private schools have been dampened, mainly on account of the current economy. As of today, the average fee for attending a private school in the United Kingdom is £13,000 per year.

Private, independent schools in United Kingdom are often providing the best combination of education and extracurricular activities. If you happen to live in Hertfordshire or surroundings, prep schools Hertfordshire can be a good starting point to read about what private schools can offer your children today.

How To Save Money When You Move


A move can often be very expensive. If you moved in the past, I am sure this is not exactly news for you. If you appoint a removals company to do the move for you it can easily cost you several hundreds of pounds. Your actual cost may depend on the distance they will have to move your belongings and of course some other factors as well.

I always tell my friends and relatives that they should take their time when they look for a removals company. Just 10 minutes studying the yellow book and calling a bunch of firms asking for their rates can save you a good chunk of money.

But here is a tip from me how you can save the biggest chunk of money the next time you move, either alone or with your entire family:

Pretty much any removal company in the UK today is offering various removal packages. The most expensive packages are normally those where the movers do everything for you, means they will come to your home and pack everything, load your belongings on a truck and then do the actual transport to your new home. This may be an option for those who are busy working so they don’t have a lot of time or for those large households where it is simply impossible without any help.

But depending on your particular circumstances you can actually pack up your goods yourself and have the movers only come and load your already packed things into the truck and then do the haul. If you do it that way it will normally be a lot cheaper as compared to having the movers do the entire move including the packing.

The other cost factor is that some removal firms may overcharge you when it comes to packing materials. If you pack your belongings yourself you can normally get a much better deal on boxes and padding material if you just buy them from a DIY market as opposed to get those things straight from the movers.

The many times I moved in the past I was always happy with “Removals Bristol”. They have a variety of moving packages. I recommend them to you since I was very satisfied with their service and friendliness.

Horse Racing In the UK: Opportunity Or Waste Of Money?

As you might already know, horse racing is very popular here in the UK. A lot of people are betting their hard earned money on the races, many lose their money and a few fortunate lads are actually winning, once in a while.

As is the case with most types of gambling such as sports bets or lotteries, if you are very lucky you can indeed make a whole lot of money at the races but needless to say those occasions would be rather rare.

If you nevertheless feel adventurous and want to risk some of your money I recommend that you don’t go to the races unprepared. Just betting randomly is a rather silly thing to do and so is betting on favorites. In the first case, your chances to win will be very slim, in the latter you will only get some chump change even in the event that you’d win. So how do you go about a good horse race betting strategy?

Easy: The best thing you can do if you don’t want to waste your money is to go the tracks with some solid tips in your pocket. You can get good horse racing strategies online on the internet. Obviously, finding a reliable source is key here. I recommend you check the HorseRacingPRO’s site because he’s also letting you in on some free horse racing strategies so you can test them out whether they work. So if you’re keen on horse racing like I am this is definitely the way to go! Let me know whether this strategy works for you!

Saving Money This Christmas

christmas-save-moneyIf you’re like me, you can’t wait till Christmas season is here. Too bad that the festive season quite often can also mean having to spend a good amount of money, not only on gifts but also on things such as good foods and drink.

I mean it’s called festive season for a reason, not the time where you serve your family or friends frozen dinners or pizza you just ordered from around the corner.

But even if you have to watch your spending, Christmas season does not mean  that you will have to go broke.

To help you with better and smart spending for the holidays, there is a great list over at The Telegraph with 10 fantastic tips to save money this Christmas. It covers everything you want to know about where to get good and affordable foods and drink up to some smart tips how you can use the Internet to save some more money this holiday season.

Tips If You’re Shopping For Ergonomic Furniture

ergonomic-chair-4A modern, ergonomic office chair or desk can easily set you back a ton of money. This is especially true if you’re looking for ergonomic furniture in retail furniture stores that may have have a rather limited selection.

But as is the case with almost anything today, of course you can buy modern ergonomic furniture online as well. In some cases you can save significant money as compared to buying a chair or desk in a retail store.

What to look for when buying ergonomic furniture online

When it comes to buying large and bulky merchandise such as furniture online you should always also take a look at the expected shipping costs. On occasion, the price for a piece may look tempting at first, yet the added shipping costs would make this deal rather unattractive.

Some online vendors for ergonomic chairs and office furniture do not only provide furniture but further related services. This can be helpful if you want to learn about ergonomics for your home or office. They can provide services such as workstation assessments that can help you to increase ergonomics within your business.

One vendor that I always recommend for ergonomic chairs is Workers and Workstations. The company offers quality ergonomic furniture made in the UK. If you are a business owner you can contact them for more advice on making your office more ergonomic.

In some cases, the initial cost for ergonomic furniture may at first seem high. Don’t let this deter you. You need to know that healthy, ergonomic furniture will pay for itself in the long-run: Long-term health issues can be avoided plus it has shown that ergonomic office furniture can help to increase productivity in virtually any office environment.

The Best Cheap Shops In London

London is certainly not cheap by a long shot. The British capital boasts a large number of luxury shopping venues with some of them fit for Kings, movie stars or Arabic oil barons. But what do you do when you feel the shopping itch but need to watch your spending?

Fortunately, London also has some excellent “cheap shops” and over at Timeout Magazine is a great list of the ten best places you can go to shop on a budget. The list features cool places such as & Other Stories, Muji and Tiger.

What’s cool about this list is that it has all the addresses and contact information for the stores as well. So if you want to go shopping in London without spending to much, check out the list and read the reviews!

Installation Of Fire Alarms In Devon

While Devon offers many shopping opportunities that appeal to tourists, there are also numerous places that I want to recommend if you own and operate a business in the area. Among those things that always have a priority in the area’s industry and commercial sector would be fire safety.

Where You Can Get Fire Alarms in Exeter
Where You Can Get Fire Alarms in Exeter

As is the case everywhere in the United Kingdom, business owners must implement proper fire prevention and fire safety measures since British law makes this mandatory.

What this means is that sooner or later, as a business owner, you will have to find a reliable installer for fire alarms, smoke detectors or even more elaborate fire prevention and detection systems for your business.

One of the area’s most renowned firms when it comes to fire prevention in the United Kingdom is Argos Fire Protection Ltd..

This company which is located in Exeter, Devon provides fire safety systems for commercial venues and residential homes.

Here you can get smoke alarms, fire alarms, emergency lighting systems but they also offer fire safety training courses and safety assessments.

One of the most important services the company can provide for you is the professional installation of fire alarms in Devon. So if you’re a business owner thinking about the safety of your employees and customers, this is the place to go when you need your fire alarms Exeter installed so they comply with British Law.

Shopping Tips: Places To See In Devon

Devon is known for it’s many tourist attractions. The beautiful beaches, its landscape and gorgeous coastline attract many visitors each year. No doubt, Devon is certainly one top destination for recreation and leisure in England.

If you’re visiting Devon you should also look into the numerous shopping opportunities the county offers.  Devon has everything from fantastic flea markets and street markets to specialty shops where you can get amazing cheeses, home-made goodies, crafts and so much more.

While there are literally hundreds of shopping opportunities in Devon, worthy to mention would be Country Cheeses in Tavistock, the Pannier Market in the same town or the House of Marbles in Bovey Tracey.

Check out the list here at The Tripadvisor and you will sure find a fantastic place to shop in Devon that you will love!

‘Shopping Tips’ For Small Businesses

If you’re like me and started to run your own small business you may be interested in some shopping tips that can make your life a lot easier. Obviously, you will have to purchase a lot of things depending on your budget.

Here in this blog post I want to focus on the software side of things since pretty much no business today can run successfully without computers and a variety of small business software installed on them. And this is often where it can get rather costly!

Unless you choose to run a free operating system such as Linux you will likely run all your computers on Windows.

I don’t recommend Linux since it may well be the case that you would have to spend more on training your staff to “learn” Linux as opposed to what you actually saved by installing Windows in its place. Most people won’t have a problem with Windows and they know how to work office applications like MS Office and similar software.

Shipping Software Can Save You Time & Money
Shipping Software Can Save You Time & Money

If you deal with inventory, warehouse stock, shipping retail merchandise to customers or anything related to merchandise that you sell you should consider shipping software.

Shipping software can be a great help that goes way beyond what you could achieve with the usual small business software applications.

It can also help you save money since it will make organizing and management easier and faster. You can start here if you’re looking for good shipping software for your business.

Consider Open Source Software

Open source software can be an alternative to often rather expensive professional business software such as MS Office, Quicken etc. The big advantage her is that it is entirely free. With Open Office you can basically get all the functionality of the commercial Microsoft equivalent MS Office without having to spend a penny.

Do you really need X or Y?

Oftentimes, new businesses go way overboard when it comes to purchasing services. They incur regular expenses without actually using those services. An example here would be a fax. You will pay for your fax machine and additional phone line and fax number.

However, you don’t need any of this since you can use online fax services instead. Such services can provide for you that you can receive and send faxes and you don’t need to have a second phone line and fax machine. This can also save you quite some money over time.