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‘Shopping Tips’ For Small Businesses

If you’re like me and started to run your own small business you may be interested in some shopping tips that can make your life a lot easier. Obviously, you will have to purchase a lot of things depending on your budget.

Here in this blog post I want to focus on the software side of things since pretty much no business today can run successfully without computers and a variety of small business software installed on them. And this is often where it can get rather costly!

Unless you choose to run a free operating system such as Linux you will likely run all your computers on Windows.

I don’t recommend Linux since it may well be the case that you would have to spend more on training your staff to “learn” Linux as opposed to what you actually saved by installing Windows in its place. Most people won’t have a problem with Windows and they know how to work office applications like MS Office and similar software.

Shipping Software Can Save You Time & Money
Shipping Software Can Save You Time & Money

If you deal with inventory, warehouse stock, shipping retail merchandise to customers or anything related to merchandise that you sell you should consider shipping software.

Shipping software can be a great help that goes way beyond what you could achieve with the usual small business software applications.

It can also help you save money since it will make organizing and management easier and faster. You can start here if you’re looking for good shipping software for your business.

Consider Open Source Software

Open source software can be an alternative to often rather expensive professional business software such as MS Office, Quicken etc. The big advantage her is that it is entirely free. With Open Office you can basically get all the functionality of the commercial Microsoft equivalent MS Office without having to spend a penny.

Do you really need X or Y?

Oftentimes, new businesses go way overboard when it comes to purchasing services. They incur regular expenses without actually using those services. An example here would be a fax. You will pay for your fax machine and additional phone line and fax number.

However, you don’t need any of this since you can use online fax services instead. Such services can provide for you that you can receive and send faxes and you don’t need to have a second phone line and fax machine. This can also save you quite some money over time.