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Record Number of Students for Private Schools in the UK

private independent schools in the UK

If there is one area that is not affected by the still rather poor economy in the United Kingdom it is private, independent schools.

According to new numbers recently released, fee-paying private schools in the UK are currently seeing record numbers of pupils attending.

The annual study conducted by the British Independent Schools Council  shows that 517,000 pupils are currently enrolled in more than 1200 independent schools in the UK.

This is the highest number of privately schooled pupils in the United Kingdom in four decades.

The new study also reveals that the number of those from overseas who are studying in the United Kingdom is on the rise while the number of those who live in the United Kingdom remains lower than previously.

As compared to 6 years ago, the number of pupils whose parents live overseas has increased by 33%.

Not counting those whose home is outside the United Kingdom, 490,000 residents of the United Kingdom are currently in private schools

Asia is leading amongst those who are coming to the United Kingdom to study with almost a third of the 27,000 overseas pupils in British schools with most of the pupils coming from China and Hong Kong. Those are closely followed by Russia, Germany and Spain.

One other reason why the current numbers are significantly higher than they had been in the past is that the census for this year also includes nursery schools that saw a big increase in the numbers of children aged three and under. Experts point out that the high number of very young children attending private nursery schools in UK is one indication for the difficulties finding suitable childcare in the United Kingdom.

While the numbers of pupils in independent schools in the UK went up, average fees for private schools have been dampened, mainly on account of the current economy. As of today, the average fee for attending a private school in the United Kingdom is £13,000 per year.

Private, independent schools in United Kingdom are often providing the best combination of education and extracurricular activities. If you happen to live in Hertfordshire or surroundings, prep schools Hertfordshire can be a good starting point to read about what private schools can offer your children today.