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[HEDDYSBLOG.COM] ~ In our country the term of cigarette there are two hinds, they are Kretek cigarette (containing chopped cloves) and white cigarette (without containing chopped cloves) which use filter, made from rubber foam.

At first time, the cigarette that’s consumed generally was Kretek cigarettes, so it became the special cigarette in Indonesian. Later, some people fried to smoke the white cigarette, which was produced by BTA (British Tobacco American). This cigarette had the taste of the western, wish names as Ardath, Kansas, comodor and others. The consumers were still limited for the young people, only a few of the old, it could be found in cities or towns. It was possible the reason of transportation were still lack.

Later the firm that producted Kretek cigarette, began to produce the white which of taste was adapted with Indonesian’ s apetite. The result was good, many people liked to consume it for young as well as far the old people. Today, this cigarette is consumed more than kretek cigarette.

There is one fact that the writer doesn’t understand. In our country isn’t limited for human being, but also departure. Their cigarette are the same, they are kretek cigarette. The writer often sees, it the shaman wants to give an offering or invite them, it use kretek, never use the white cigarette.

In the end, can we take the conclusion that there is no change? Are their habit never influenced by the strange culture? Indeed, do they smoke as the people who are still a life? Or is it only requirement for offering, inviting or driving them, that’s done by every shaman.

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