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The justice! That’s word always used by the mast people, it’s difficult to get or to it. So, there is the opinion, really people aren’t able to do it perfectly, is only for god the al mighty. More over for the life in the modern era, where the need of it, is very complex. From wanting to have luxurious house, delicious food, transportation, and own the land everywhere. It can be said, the modern people never feel satisfaction, though they have had many properties.
Hedi Hadiningrat in Banten Tower

How with the primitive tribe! For example as the tribe of Baduy, that located in Banten Province, whom the writer ever visited there, in fact, Baduy isn’t a tribe, it’s only the term for them. They are still Sundaness. They separate them selves of modern life, since their kingdom was defeated by Islam.

They don’t like to be said as Baduyan, they like to be said the people of Kanekes, the place where they live. Their life is very simple, the house are the same, in shape, width and length, made of bamboos. It clothes that thy wear, only two kinds; the white color for in side Baduy, and the black color for out side. In general, they ever wear sandals or shoes.

There, is not need the education for the atmosphere (environment) life, because of they never destroy to the environment as the modern people do. The rivers around them, never contaminated by pollutant. Many visitors to drink the water from the river with it boiling. They live in peace, no fight, no gap among them.

If we see and learn of their life, them take the summary, is it called the real justice? If, yes, do the modern people return as the primitive tribe? It no, where do we find the real justice?
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