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How To Save Your Money

A move can often be very expensive. If you moved in the past, I am sure this is not exactly news for you. If you appoint a removals company to do the move for you it can easily cost you several hundreds of pounds. Your actual cost may depend on the distance they will have to move your belongings and of course some other factors as well.

I always tell my friends and relatives that they should take their time when they look for a removals company. Just 10 minutes studying the yellow book and calling a bunch of firms asking for their rates can save you a good chunk of money.

But here is a tip from me how you can save the biggest chunk of money the next time you move, either alone or with your entire family:

Pretty much any removal company in the UK today is offering various removal packages. The most expensive packages are normally those where the movers do everything for you, means they will come to your home and pack everything, load your belongings on a truck and then do the actual transport to your new home. This may be an option for those who are busy working so they don’t have a lot of time or for those large households where it is simply impossible without any help.

But depending on your particular circumstances you can actually pack up your goods yourself and have the movers only come and load your already packed things into the truck and then do the haul. If you do it that way it will normally be a lot cheaper as compared to having the movers do the entire move including the packing.

The other cost factor is that some removal firms may overcharge you when it comes to packing materials. If you pack your belongings yourself you can normally get a much better deal on boxes and padding material if you just buy them from a DIY market as opposed to get those things straight from the movers.

The many times I moved in the past I was always happy with “Removals Bristol”. They have a variety of moving packages. I recommend them to you since I was very satisfied with their service and friendliness.


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