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7 Signs Of Substance Abuse

7 Signs Of Substance Abuse | The key to detection of abuse is knowing the signs of substance abuse that you will need to keep an eye out for. There are very few people that have the experiences needed to determine the signs that will tell you the most when it comes to someone that has been dealing with an attempt to get over any type of drug. However, people will always spend a lot of time looking for signs that will allow them to assume that there is a problem based on the signs alone.
If you are looking for signs of abuse, it is important that you stay away from making conclusions based on this information alone. Instead, you may want to consider it as part of the bigger picture that will clue you in to the fact that someone you care about may be using drugs. The first sign that you should look for would be financial troubles that are not explained.

When someone is in a position where they have a stead source of income, it is not very common that they will be broke all of the time. If the person does not have any money despite having a job, this is a sign that they might be spending the money on drugs. You also want to consider if the person has recently been let go from a job. If they have the same job, this means that there money is being spent on other things.

A second sign to look for would be behavioral changes that you do not expect to occur from this person. If the person is normally calm and they now become very angry and aggressive, you may want to explore the possibility of having them get help for substance abuse. A third sign that you could look for would be excessive amounts of pills in the home, as this occurs very often when someone has become addicted to painkillers.

Instead of hiding them, they will store them in the largest amount possible because they live in fear of not having them in the future. Fourth, getting into legal trouble is another sign that something has happened in their life. Very often, it is easy to make excuses for the people that we love.

If you find that they continue to get in trouble at work or with the police, it is likely that they are dealing with an addiction problem. Fifth, you want to keep track of when this person goes missing for extended periods of time without a purpose. If someone is missing for days on end, they may be going somewhere during this time in order to get high.

Addicts will often vanish for days because they are off getting high somewhere. By the time they have come down, several days have passed and you will once again be able to find them. If this person is going missing for long periods of time, this can be a sign of substance abuse. Sixth, you may want to see how much this person is sleeping on a normal day. When you can determine if this person is getting the required amount of sleep every day, this will give you an idea of problems that they may be suffering from.

Addicts will often get high and stay up for days and then go to sleep for days straight, you want to see if they are sleeping and missing work as a result. Finally, you should keep track of the things that the person is doing in order to get money. If you notice that anything around your home has vanished, it is likely that this person is stealing in order to feed an addiction that can get very costly in a short period of time. Do not allow them to continue stealing from you, it is important to think about helping them in any way possible.

If you find that many of these signs are occurring together, you can place a bet on the fact that this problem has to do with substance abuse. While some of these symptoms may occur on their own, having many of them means that someone is dealing with addiction. Treatments are available to assist someone that is getting off of drugs and putting their life together without a significant financial cost.

There are many treatment facilities that can accept insurance coverage meaning that this will cost nothing or very little out of pocket. If you consider yourself a friend of someone that is currently showing all of these signs, the best thing to do would be to arrange treatment that would help them. Speaking with them first would be a good idea, but you can also take action by setting up an intervention and getting them into a great treatment program as soon as possible.
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