How To Promote YouTube Channel

Many people ask to me, how promote YouTube channel with simple and free? And how to get more subscriber on my channel?.

They asked to me because their YouTube Channel is no subscriber or a few subscriber and the impact for their videos is not watching.

In this article you will learn about three important things, that is :

First : how people give value about something. By knowing how people give a value, it will help you to know “create a good YouTube Channel with marketable value”.

Second : Provide something useful. The famous people is causes they give something useful to many people and their like it. For example, Mark Zuckerbeg is one of the successful people. He creates a social media called “Facebook” and many people love it.

Third : Solve the problem. It is very important, they come to your YouTube Channel because their try to find some a tips for solving a problems. For example, a farmer has a problem with is fields and he try to find how to solve the problem. He visited your youtube channel because your video is about farming.

Above is three things will i tell to you and i hope can help you.

Before I tell you on how promote YouTube channel, You must know about the secret of promotion.

What is the secret?
You will not be a successful or will not getting success if you don’t know about the definition of promotions. Actually it is something simple but without you know about something you never know ” how something work”.

It is about a system. all of the components in the system have to work and have a relevance.

The promotions is about “how” and “way”. How is about “What to do” and Way is about “How to do it”.

….Now, let’s we learn about “definition of promotions”..

  1. Promotion is activity that supports or provides active encouragement for the furtherance of a cause, venture, or aim
  2. The action of raising someone to a higher position or rank or the fact of being so raised.
  3. The act of furthering the growth or development of something

Are you want your YouTube Channel become a great channel? This is simple way and best way to promote your YouTube Channel….

Simple Way : How Promote YouTube Channel

The simple way to promote YouTube Channel is by using social media, inside blog article, and commented on other website.

How it works?

Simple Way To Promote YouTube Channel by Using Social Media

Social Media is a great website to promote YouTube Channel. As we know that social media is one of the website most visited by billion people in the world.

YouTube has make available button to share your videos it’s mean can take advantage of spread your videos, to distribute and to make a popular videos.

To promotion your video by social media, can be doing by create a fanspage on facebook, create twitter account, linkedin, pinterest, tumblr and others….

….. do you know that youtube has informed on their website?

Here is tips on youtube website to promote your channel…

  • Don’t be shy
  • Enable Comment
  • Use playlist by same theme

Please read here for more information

Best Way to promote youtube channel

There are many ways to promote youtube channel but not all way working caused by several factor. Commonly factor is a quality of video on your channel or caused by SEO in your videos.

SEO in video pages is the best to made a great youtube channel.

But, without a great video SEO is nonsense.. So both of them must be done..

Ok, now i will informed to you about SEO, SEO is art to be number one. By knowing SEO, will help you to carry out on your problem.

Promote YouTube Channel by SEO Video

To make a video with SEO, it should doing by before and after. That means, before upload video on the youtube channel you must be ensured that your video must to meet requitments…

Write same title video on your computer with the title on your youtube account.
Make your video with high definition ( HD )

Look at the picture below !!
promote youtube channel

And look at too
promote youtube channel 2

If you looking at picture above, you can differentiate that the title video on computer same with title my video on youtube..

Best Way or Simple way to promote youtube channel is a free promotion and you didn’t to pay.. and social media like a facebook, twitter, linkedin is a free website to promote your youtube channel

The last i say that article about how promote youtube channel has been completed and may be useful

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