How To Reduce Image For Website

Reduce Image Website – Image is one of the tools to make stylish in article. Image or picture that put on your articles will make it more elegant. So, is important to reduce image website

There are many things to be learned about image on a website or the exactly on your article. I found many case a blogger have a trouble about image on their article.

They ask to me, Why my website very slow? How to get out from the problem? and then i give them advice to optimize images on their web page.

Then they ask again. How to optimize images?

I answered ” by reducing images it will help you to get out from your problem ”

Do you know that image on a website will be a problem?

The common problem is a speed. Speed of website or blog affected by image. The size of image on a website must be to assign a priority.

There are two ways to reduce an image but keep the image quality. You can reduce image by online and offline. Reduce image using online image optimizer is not so dificult. You can find them in my article how to compress an image for website.

Reduce Image Website using Photoshop

The essential approach to reduce the document size of a picture is by expanding the measure of pressure. In most picture altering applications this is finished by changing your settings in the Save As exchange box after you select a packed arrangement, for example, GIF or JPEG.

Adobe Photoshop utilizes a different Save for Web menu choice (File, Save for Web) that gives you a considerable measure of control over how your record is spared as a GIF or JPEG.
reduce image website using photoshop
On the off chance that you pick JPEG, take a stab at modifying Quality (0% to 100%) to perceive how low you can abandon unduly trading off the nature of your picture.

In the event that you pick GIF, the most effortless approach to bring down the record measure is to bring down what is called shading profundity, which is refined by bringing down the number in the Colors box.

There is no compelling reason to utilize a greater number of hues in your palette than the first picture employments. In the event that, for instance, the first picture is straight high contrast, 2 hues are all you will require.

Another brisk approach to decrease the document measure is by editing out undesirable parts of the photo. In the wake of editing, you can change the picture’s measurements to go significantly littler.

Most picture altering programs have a charge for changing the pixel measurements of a picture. Search for a summon called “Picture Size,” “Resize,” or “Resample.”

When you utilize this charge you will be given a discourse box for entering the correct pixels you wish to utilize. When you resize your picture, you need to ensure the “Oblige extents” alternative is empowered.

This alternative will keep your picture from being extended or twisted when it is resized.

On the off chance that you are utilizing your pictures on the Web, you should shoot for a document size of 30 to 100 KB for every picture. Make an effort not to surpass 100 KB for every Web page for the aggregate of all pictures.

Reduce Image Website using Paint

Paint is a image tool from Microsoft, you can use Microsoft paint to reduce image with a keep the quality. There is step by step to reduce image website ( resize image for your website ).

  1. Open Your Paint
  2. Click File – Open – Your Picture
  3. Select your image and look at the size of image

Look at the picture below !

Step 1 : Open Image

reduce image website

Step 2 : Compare Image
The original image usually have a large size files and to bad for website.

resize image website

Last Step : Resize Image
Change the image sizes to optimize for your web pages. The small size is better than large size. Klik Resize , Change to Pixel , Uncheck Maintain Aspect Ratio, Input the number as you wish. Example 300 x 250 or 600 x 380 px..
optimize image

Above is best way to reduce image website without losing the quality.

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