[HEDDYSBLOG.COM] ~ In our country the term of cigarette there are two hinds, they are Kretek cigarette (containing chopped cloves) and white cigarette (without containing chopped cloves) which use filter,

My friend’s job a teacher, his hobby is watching the boxing. He always watches that game, especially it the game of the level International, from the lowest class until the

[HEDDYSBLOG.COM]~ In the last holiday, I camped in the forest with my friends. I asked the advice from the village chief before it. His age was about 70 years and

HEDDYSBLOG.COM ~ Mobil Termahal Didunia adalah Ferrari 250 GTO model tahun 1963 ini pertama kali dijual berharga 6.000 pounds, akan tetapi kini harga mobil itu naik 533.233 kali lipat menjadi US$